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Address: 1820 Danforth Ave, Toronto
Phone: (647) 748-5522

Cumin Kitchen is an Indian restaurant located in the heart of Danforth. The food is a fusion of Indian cuisine and craft beer that is served in a sophisticated setting with plush seating! They offer everything from authentic North Indian cuisines like butter chicken, tandoori dishes, biryani rice and kebabs to delicious appetizers like desi samosa, chaat paapri and aloo gobhi. 
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Here you will find a stunning dining environment with their beautifully designed interior. The exposed brick wall, dim lighting and rich décor make Cumin Kitchen feel like a hidden oasis in the heart of the city. During the daytime, Cumin Kitchen is a great place for people to enjoy their lunch and enjoy the patio space. During the evening, it becomes a busy spot for dinner and drinks!
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The menu you will find here is purely Indian-inspired, and they offer an excellent selection of craft beer! Cumin Kitchen’s unique menu features a wide variety of classic Punjabi dishes and also offers some contemporary cuisine.
To start, a must-try is the pakora platter ($9)! The pakora platter is quite popular here, made with mixed vegetable fritters that are perfect for sharing. If you want to enjoy the food in an interactive way, try chaat paapri ($8)! Chaat paapri is one of their most famous appetizers and truly delightful for people who love Indian snacks! The combination of crisp masala papad, boiled potatoes, chickpeas, tomatoes and onions topped with tangy tamarind chutney and chaat masala is simply delightful.
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The butter chicken ($15) at Cumin Kitchen is a huge fan favourite and one of the best dishes here! This dish is their version of a classic comfort food that features slow-cooked chicken in a rich and creamy tomato sauce. It is unique compared to many other butter chicken dishes because it’s made with cashew nuts which add a lovely texture!
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For vegetarians, the palaak paneer ($13) is another delicious pick.  Palaak paneer is an authentic North Indian dish that features fresh spinach cooked with homemade paneer chunks. This well-balanced dish is perfect for vegetarians, but it still has enough flavour to satisfy everyone!
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Also, don’t forget to try one of their many craft beers! Cumin Kitchen has a well-balanced craft beer menu. They offer everything from light to dark beers, which makes it easier for anyone to find something that they will enjoy! The staff at Cumin Kitchen are always happy to provide recommendations and pair suggestions according to the food you choose.
Cumin Kitchen is a wonderful restaurant in Danforth with a fine selection of Indian-inspired dishes and craft beer! The contemporary décor and laid-back atmosphere make this place inviting for anyone who wants to enjoy some great food.

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