Juicy Dumpling

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Address: 280 Spadina Ave., Toronto
Phone: (647) 352-5678

If you’re looking for quick, affordable, and delicious dim sums, Juicy Dumplings is the place to be. Juicy Dumpling is a popular dim sum takeout spot located in the Dragon City Mall in Chinatown. With plenty of established dim sum restaurants already in Chinatown, Juicy Dumplings stands out with their speedy delivery time and their juicy menu items at affordable prices.

Juicy Dumpling
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Unlike the traditional dim sum experience where you have seated at a round table a group of people. The dining experience here feels similar to what you get at a fast-food restaurant. From the line-up orders, tv-menu displays to the minimalistic decorated dining area, this place is where you go for a quick bite.
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As one would expect from a small takeout spot, their menu is relatively small with only 22 items on their menu. Their menu features classics like pork soup dumplings, pan-fried juicy buns, BBQ pork buns, Chinese pancakes, and more. Despite having a smaller menu, everything on their menu is consistent in quality and tastes delicious.
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Their flagship menu item is their Xiao Long Baos or soup dumplings, which are the juicy dumplings the store is named for. For this dish, you can have it steamed or fried. Both options are equally as good but it mainly comes down to your preference in texture. Whether you get it steamed or fried, you will still get the same burst of flavour from the soup inside the dumpling. For a change of flavour, ask the staff for a pack of black vinegar which will enhance the flavour of the dumpling with a hint of sourness.
These juicy dumplings are best enjoyed within ten minutes when the broth is still piping hot. But a word of caution, the broth is extremely hot and be careful when biting into it as the broth may come bursting out.
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For dessert, try their kusa mochi with red bean paste filling. This soft sticky goodness is a Japanese sweet made from sticky rice and Japanese mugwort (a plant commonly found in East Asia) which gives it its green appearance. The skin has a nice herbal flavour, while the red paste filling inside balances out with a bit of sweetness. Each mochi is individually wrapped in saran wrap which is perfect if you’re on the go.
With delicious dim sums served to you in less than 10 minutes, this is the place to be if you want to get your hands on some delicious dim sums quickly. The dim sums here are the perfect snack or meal for any time of the day. Once you try the food here once, you’ll be coming back again for more.

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