My Dosa Place

My Dosa Place6
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Address: 12 Queens Quay W, Toronto
Phone: (647) 350-3672

My Dosa Place is a cozy Indian restaurant with several locations across the GTA. The menu includes traditional staples from India such as Idli rice lentil cakes, Idiyappam rice noodles and Uttapam savoury pancakes. You can also find some more modern takes on classic dishes like Dosa, which are fried crepes with a delicious stuffing made from black lentils and rice batter.
My Dosa Place
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The space is divided between My Dosa Place and My Roti Place, where you can get dosa on one side and roti and the other. The decor is modern, open, and inviting with a few tables and chairs. There are various bright wall paintings depicting traditional Indian scenes, as well as religious figures like Shiva. My Dosa Place is a good spot for quick and casual Indian food.
My Dosa Place2
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The menu here is relatively small but nonetheless has a good selection. Each item is clearly labelled with its price and other information such as whether it’s vegan friendly, or gluten-free. Prices are very reasonable; most items (dosa and flatbreads) range from $6 to $9 and come in various sizes for one person or more people.
When you come here, you have to try their signature chicken tikka masala dosa ($9.95). It’s their take on the classic indian dish, but stuffed inside a dosa. The stuffing is made of chunks of chicken breast cooked in a curry sauce and mixed with peppers and onions. Dusted with some spices, it tastes even better dipped into chutney or sambar.
My Dosa Place4
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For roti, you can’t go wrong with their butter chicken roti ($13.99). It’s made with halal chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce. The roti is fairly large, more than enough to fill you up, and it has some heat to it which compliments the dish well. They’re not stingy on the butter chicken here either; there’s lots of it!
My Dosa Place3
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An honourable mention is the medhu vada (3pc for $5.95). It’s a fried dough made from black lentils and rice. The result is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with an airy texture in between. This goes perfectly with the warm sambar lentils and coconut chutney which it’s served with.
Everything at My Dosa Place looks and tastes great, and that goes for their house-made yogurt too. Their lassi is particularly good; it’s creamy, smooth and moreish. All in all this place serves some quick, delicious and affordable Indian food. It doesn’t get any better than eating a piping hot dosa with sambar and chutney on a cold day.

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