Swagruhas Dosa Home

Swagruhas Dosa Home
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Swagruhas Dosa Home is a South Indian vegetarian eatery that has been serving delicious dosas in the Mississauga area for almost a decade. This home-run restaurant serves up a wide selection of savoury and sweet dosas to suit every taste and mood. The cuisine is influenced by the cultural diversity of the cities where they’ve resided in like Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. So make sure you stop by this charming cafe if you’re looking for some delicious breakfast or lunch spot!
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The restaurant offers a simple dining space with a casual, friendly vibe to it. Everyone from young kids to senior citizens can be seen dining at the restaurant as it caters to all kinds of customers. There isn’t much decoration apart from the few paintings and some knick-knacks on shelves around the restaurant. It’s a clean and comfortable place for a fast meal with your family or friends.
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As its name suggests, Swagruhas Dosa Home is famous for its dosas. What I like about this place is that they only serve vegetarian food so you don’t have to worry about unhygienic ingredients. All the dosa here is always crispy and delicious with a generous serving of chutney and sambar on the side.
A classic is their Onion Masala Dosa ($9.95) which is wrapped with rice and lentil crepes enveloping a generous serving of onions. The onions are cooked just right so that it still has a crunch to it. The flavours are well balanced as the sweet taste of onions cuts through the spicy sambar. It’s definitely spicy for those who are not into spice but it is manageable though you’ll definitely need to drink lots of water.
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They also offer Tomato Onion Uthappam ($9.95) or rice flour pancakes enriched with vegetables. The Uthappam is crispy on the outside while soft on the inside. It makes for a perfect combination when eaten together with the spicy sambar and cooling coconut chutney!
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Another favourite is the Kara Masala Dosa ($9.95) which is the same as the Masala Dosa except it is filled with green peas and potatoes and served with spicy coconut chutney. This also makes for a very filling meal!
Swagruhas Dosa Home is a great place to have a satisfying meal for reasonable prices! I would definitely recommend you to come here if you’re looking for some tasty yet affordable South Indian food. The staff are also very friendly and will help explain the menu to those who are new or unfamiliar with the cuisine. 

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