The Great Maratha

The Great Maratha
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Address: 965 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 787-1020

The Great Maratha is a welcoming Indian restaurant located north of downtown Toronto. This restaurant is known for its curries and meat skewers, as well as being a great place to have an evening out with friends or loved ones. If you are looking for some delicious Indian food with a great ambiance, this is the place to go!
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The restaurant decor is beautiful and elegant. The most stunning feature is the traditional artworks of India, which adorn the entire restaurant. Everything from the furniture to cutlery is intricately decorated and has a very traditional feel. The lower lighting in this restaurant creates a romantic and calm atmosphere so it is a great place for a date night or an evening with a loved one.
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The menu is diverse. It features traditional Indian cuisine that includes dishes with chicken, lamb, beef and goat in addition to vegetarian options. They also have an extensive drink menu with traditional Indian drinks as well as standard Canadian drinks. The drink menu includes wines, beers and cocktails.
A great start is Maratha’s Special sizzler vegetable platter. This dish includes a combination of mixed veggies that are freshly prepared and cooked to perfection. It’s served on a hot sizzler plate with onions, mushrooms and green peppers. The vegetables are spiced with Indian masala spices for an extra burst of flavour. You also have your choice of sauce (Manchurian, Szechuan, or Hot Garlic.)
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Another dish that shouldn’t be missed is the Sizzler Chicken which is also part of Maratha’s Special dishes selection. This dish is made with grilled tandoori chicken on a sizzler plate separate from the veggies. The tandoori chicken is spiced with traditional Indian masala spices that are mixed right before cooking. You will also have your choice of sauce to have your dish prepared in (Manchurian, Szechuan, or Hot Garlic).
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However, the star of the show got to be their Goat Curry. Goat is not a common dish in Toronto, so it’s nice to find somewhere that has high-quality goat dishes. Their Indian-style curry consists of tender chunks of goat meat cooked in onion gravy with spices and herbs. This delicacy is best paired with roti or naan bread dipped in the sauce for an extra treat!
If you’re in the mood for a great Indian meal with all your usual favourites, or you would like to try something new and delicious that Toronto has to offer, then The Great Maratha is the place to go! They have traditional seating, gentle lighting and tasty dishes. This restaurant is known for its curries and meat skewers so it’s definitely a treat especially if you love meat!

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