The 6 Best IELTS Test Centres in Toronto [2022]

Toronto is a bustling city with inhabitants from all over the world. It should come as no surprise, then, that it is also home to some of the best IELTS testing centres in the country.

If you’re from outside of Canada looking for work, study or immigrate here, you should take the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test. This test is designed to assess your English speaking ability by testing through four different skills. 

These skills are listening, reading, writing and speaking. If you’re having trouble deciding which IELTS test centre is best suited for you, we made it easier by compiling the top 6 IELTS test centres in Toronto for you to check out today!


How We Chose the Best IELTS Test Centres in Toronto

We picked the best IELTS Test Centre in Toronto based on their popularity and the diversity of alternatives they provide for an easy test process. These are the criteria we followed to choose the finest ones in Toronto.
  • Services Offered: We made sure that these places offer test preparations, tips, packages and courses in order for you to prepare for the exam, offer tutorial videos and practice tests.
  • Price: We’ve included testing centres which charges a reasonable for their exams which is around $300 including tax.
  • Customer Reviews:  We’ve also checked customer reviews to make sure that these centres provides great customer service and examinees had a positive testing experience.

The Top 6 IELTS Test Centres in Toronto

1. Oxford International

Oxford International provides a variety of IELTS preparation classes in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Their IELTS preparation classes assist students in developing essential skills that are evaluated in the IELTS examination.

Language assessments and test practice are used to prepare students for the exam. Each week focuses on a different topic, allowing students to get familiar with a variety of topics that are included in the test.

Their IELTS preparation course has been authorised by the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills, and Training’s Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB). Plus, the price for the exam is $305 plus tax included.

Business Information:

Address: 111 Peter St #220, Toronto, ON M5V 2H1
Phone: (416) 542-1626

Customer Review Highlights:

“Great customer service. Highly professional and friendly staff. Everything was structured and to the point. I would highly recommend anyone to take their IELTS exam at this location if you want to have hassle free exam experience.”
“it is a amazing test centre. They host each test taker nicely to ease nervous. and they reply any inquiries in details quickly and professionally. I would recommend this centre.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Online classes offered! Expect a delay if you want a refund, TRF, etc. It’ll take a while for them to get back to you as they experience a high volume of requests.
Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Toronto
IELTS preparation courses available

2. University of Toronto Exam Centre

Their downtown IELTS facility is on the magnificent, historic campus of the University of Toronto. The Queen’s Park subway station is a short walk away, and there are numerous paid parking lots nearby, including one directly across the street.

The written exam is taken in one of the exam centre’s huge exam halls on McCaul Street. Every month, they provide a variety of IELTS preparation courses, study material, and free online webinars in addition to the IELTS exam.

This location provides the paper-based IELTS exam in a quiet and friendly setting. For the listening exams, they also provide high-quality headphones so that you can take the test to the best of your abilities.

Exams are held at ETC’s headquarters (455 Spadina Avenue), which is a 10-minute walk or a short streetcar ride away.

Every month, they provide a variety of IELTS preparation courses, practise material, and free online webinars in addition to the IELTS exam. The price is $300 plus tax included.

Business Information:

Address: 455 Spadina Ave. Unit 301, Toronto, ON M5S 2G8
Phone: (819) 809-3414

Customer Review Highlights:

“The free IELTS classes offered here are of very good quality. If you attend these classes and supplement them with your IELTS preparations you are bound to get a really high mark in your IELTS exam. I took these classes and passed IELTS really well.”
“I passed the IELTS yesterday and I do not know how this place can have less than 4☆. The staff was really friendly and helpful, the facilities were clean and quiet and they were following covid guidelines. I do recommend this place :)”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Free IELTS classes are offered The only shortcoming for this test center is that it is so popular that you need to reserve your test dates well ahead of time, or you have to wait a long period of time to get the next available test date.
A range of IELTS preparation courses and materials
Free online webinars every month

3. ILAC Toronto Test Venue

They are an Official IELTS Test Centre, proudly running the largest test site in downtown Toronto! They were founded in 2008 and were bought by ILAC in 2020.

They believe that regardless of where you reside in Canada, everyone deserves easy, quick, and dependable IELTS testing services. This centre offers IELTS preparation programs for adults 19 years and old as well as for young adults from 16 to 18 years old. 

The courses are 8 weeks in length from intermediate to proficiency and this program will help you gain the confidence, skills and techniques that are needed to take the exam and achieve your desired score.

This test center is quite attractive because it provides students with a free information session along with a free online test preparation package that lasts for 30 days to let students fully understand how the IELT test works.

Business Information:

Address: 425 Bloor St E 4th floor, Toronto, ON M4X 1L7
Phone: (647) 317-5921

Customer Review Highlights:

“Is an excellent experience where you can improve with effectiveness not only the language skills and the way you have to prepare for exams, but also the induction to think with critic sense in the elaboration of tasks that going to be useful in the next level of studies. Of course, all of this is made possible by very well-trained teachers who cares about your process.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Computer-delivered tests where it suits all schedules and you can get results within 3-5 days Complaints in the past about administration.
Preparation available from the help of teachers

4. ELS Language Centre Test Venue

For more than 55 years, ELS Language Centers has helped students accomplish their English language objectives. Their facilities provide English training at 12 different levels, as well as testing services and university paths to over 600 institutions and colleges across North America. 

Through their unique academic approach and devotion to their student progress – ELS promises success.They offer one professionally established computer test centre, which provides all test takers with a pleasant and secure testing environment.

The reason to choose an ELS test center is that the test fee is a little bit cheaper when compared with others. Not only that, they also offer a 90-minute free online and in-person IELTS seminar for candidates who are preparing for the test.

Business Information:

Address: 36 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5C 1H3
Phone: (416) 203-6466

Customer Review Highlights:

“I did my IELTS exam here. The staff were very nice and helpful. The location is so convenient for ppl who take the TTC, just 3 minutes walk from Dundas station. For the Listening test(paper-based) recording was played on speakers and their sound system was perfect. Speaking examiner was a very nice lady”
“I totally recommend this place to others for their ielts exam. I had a great experience in this institution. Staff is really helpful and knowledgeable. Happy with their services”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Convenient location in the heart of downtown Toronto. Past complaints about headphones not working
The English program offers intensive, semi-intensive, online English, vacation English and testing.
Quick online results within 4-5 days

5. ILSC Toronto

ILSC Toronto is a full-service IELTS testing centre conveniently located in downtown Toronto near St. Patrick Station. The institution is located in a contemporary office building close to the University of Toronto, City Hall, and the Eaton Centre. The price for this test is $305.31 with tax included.

You will have the option of taking the exam on paper or on the computer when you register for IELTS at ILSC Toronto. IELTS computer examinations are accessible, with headphones available in all rooms. Testing rooms are positioned around the exterior of the building, allowing for plenty of natural light when taking the exam.

computer exam is separated into numerous computer laboratories, each with a smaller number of test takers and lots of space between workstations.

There are several paid parking lots near the centre, and if you’re taking public transportation, the subway line one and the Dundas streetcar pass directly in front of it.

Business Information:

Address: 443 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 2H6
Phone: (416) 323-1770

Customer Review Highlights:

“Unbelievably helpful! I had some issues with my registration for the IELTS exam and I called them several times (!) and they were so nice to me and directed me through every step! I'm so grateful we have such good customer service in Toronto. I really appreciate every and each individual participating in running this place. Thank-you”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
ILSC offers intensive programs and flexible courses to help you prepare to achieve your goals on the IELT test. Might have to wait awhile to enter the test taking room.
They have an IELTS Mastery program for intensive IELTS preparation and a flexible English study program.

6. George Brown College Official IELTS Test Centre

George Brown College is a perfect place to take the test with its modern, quiet, spacious and comfortable facilities to ensure you go through the best experience possible! They offer flexible test dates and 30 hours of free online test preparation if you register online. 

This test centre is located in the heart of downtown Toronto and it is easily accessible on public transit too! The price for this exam is $336 with tax included.

They provide two IELTS preparation courses: test preparation and general training. You can register to take the paper test or register for a computer-delivered test.

Business Information:

Address: 341 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1L1
Phone: (416) 415-5000 ext. 2564

Customer Review Highlights:

“Great test centre, there were extensive safety measures in place for IELTS testing even now during COVID-19. Lots of safe distancing and making masks required. Everything was sanitized before use so I felt really safe taking the test here. All of the staff were very friendly and helpful.”
“I'm very pleased with my IELTS test experience at George Brown College. The invigilators and the examiner were very friendly, efficient and cooperative. The centre provides individual headphones for test takers, which was very convenient for me. I'll go to the same centre again if I need to write the test in future. Keep up the good work, George Brown!’

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
30 hours of free online test preparation if you register online! Might have to wait a while outside for the test for 10-20 minutes.
Workshops and courses are offered 

FAQs about ELTS Test Centres

The age requriement to do this exam is atleast 16 years old. If you’re under 18 you need a parent or guardian to book the test for you.
Individuals who are native English speakers and want to enter English-speaking nations seeking a visa, must take and pass the IELTS exam.
Over around 140 countries with numerous organizations accept IELTS in Universities, schools, colleges and training organizations. Some of the main countries included Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.
The difficulty level varies from each individual where some might find difficulty understanding the accent or hesitate while expressing in speaking. That’s why each IELT test center offers an English training program to help you practice and prepare.


If you are looking for a great IELTS test centre in Toronto, be sure to check out the six centres we have listed. All of these centres offer excellent customer service and will help you prepare for your test day. Good luck on your exam!

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