Best Jazz Bars in Toronto

Jazz originated in the early 19th and 20th centuries in the African-American communities of New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Now, jazz is widely listened to by people all around the globe and has even come to Toronto, in the form of jazz bars. Some of our local artists are featured in Toronto and guests enjoy a soothing or electric night out with some food, friends and a drink or two!
Here are some of the top choices for fun and entertaining jazz bars:

1) The Reservoir Lounge

Located at 52 Wellington Street East, The Reservoir Lounge is a cozy little spot for city dwellers and out-of-towners to come by and grab a bite to eat over a delicious drink. It is dim-lit at night and offers an enthusiastic local band to play some tunes to swing the night by!

2) The Rex Hotel Jazz and Blues Bar

The Rex Hotel is one of Toronto’s prestige bars for blues, soul, jazz and swing! There are overnight rooms so that you and some friends can enjoy a late night stay at the bar. Patios open from 11am for the 2nd half of the month so you can enjoy great food for a great price.

3) Jazz Bistro

At 251 Victoria Street, just off Yonge-Dundas, Jazz Bistro offers a cool contemporary style atmosphere where live performances are featured 6 nights a week. Come by to enjoy some of the upscale casual cuisines that are matched perfectly with a divine wine selection.

4) The Emmet Ray

On 924 College Street, The Emmet Ray, named and embodied by this mystical man, Mr. Ray, the jazz bar came into existence in December 2009. It features dinner and a show, entertainment, events and pop-ups and, of course, scotch. Private whiskey tastings are available for birthdays, bachelorettes and more and Emmet Ray is also available to host for fundraisers, book rehearsal dinners and other types of gatherings.

5) N’Awlins

This Orleans’ styled bar gives a classic touch to a Torontonian atmosphere and audience. Its Cajun-Creole cuisine fits in just perfectly with a live performance and close-knit seats in a comfortable and cozy setting.

6) Grossman’s Tavern

On 377 Spadina Avenue, at the “Home of the Blues”, you can find one of the longest-running music venues in Toronto. From creative art painted on the house’s white walls to a charming collection of any alcoholic beverage you can find in-bar, this local tavern is prominent in folk, rock, roots and jazz that can fix anyone in need of some local song.

7) Home Smith Bar

At the elegant Old Mill Hotel, is within the Home Smith Bar which provides a tastefully selected number of jazz performances, along with some tasty cocktails and pub-treats.

8) Poetry Jazz Bar Toronto

This energetic jazz bar hosts some of the most experienced and world-renowned artists that perform jazz, blues, rock, soul, comedy and poetry. The element of poetry blasted to the no. 1 spot, seeing Torontonians from all across the city embrace the styles and speeches of The Shafton Thomas Group and more.


At 2848 Dundas Street West, at La Junction, LA REV is an authentic Mexican “cocina” or kitchen which serves Mexican snacks, appetizers, beverages and food to a live bar and even livelier guest performances. It plays an important role in historical context which is inspired by the Mexican Revolution and provides lively local music acts and inspirational art.

10) Bluebird Bar

Located at 2072 Dundas Street West, this little fine dining spot at the Bluebird offers some local delectables including cheese boards, cocktails, craft beer and wine which go pretty well on your heating back patio seating, trivia and some pretty cool live music!

11) Alchemy Food & Drink

At 890 College Street, Toronto, Alchemy Food & Drink is proud to announce that outdoor music is back! Little Rambunctious on Friday June 18th and Viper’s Cloud on Saturday June 19th can be reserved now. Live bands along with innovative menu options can all be enjoyed with the side of a cocktail.
In need of some smooth soul or some funky rock? These top swingin’ specials have just the right anecdote for you!