The 7 Best Window Cleaning Services in Toronto

Everyone wants their home to have a clean and tidy appearance. One way of achieving this is by using professional window cleaning services that can do the job for you without you having to lift a finger!
Toronto has many different options when it comes to window cleaners, but which company should you choose? Below are 6 companies with great reviews in Toronto so be sure to check them out!


How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Window Cleaner in Toronto?

Window cleaning rates usually start at around $5-$10 per window pane, while some companies charge by the hour which can cost up to $200/hr. However, this price can vary depending on the size and height of the windows, as well as the type of service you require. 
Here’s a list of factors that can affect your window cleaning price:
  • Window height and the number of stories in your home or building
  • The size of the windows
  • How many panes there are on each window pane (double-paned)
  • What type of service do you require, such as a one-time cleaning vs. regular maintenance 
  • Which company you choose
When you are choosing a window cleaner, be sure to ask them what they include in their service so you can determine what’s the best option for your home.
Some companies will provide discounts if you have multiple windows that need to be cleaned or if you require additional services, so keep an eye out for promotions!

The Best Window Cleaning Services in Toronto

Now that you know a little bit more about window cleaners, here are 6 of the best companies in Toronto:

1. Sunnyside Window & Eaves Cleaning

Sunnyside Window & Eaves Cleaning
Window cleaners at Sunnyside Window Cleaning know how important your home is to you and family. That’s why, every job comes with the goal of helping clients keep their homes in the best condition possible! Sunnyside Window & Eaves Cleaning has exterior cleaning services designed specifically for homeowners who want a healthy environment all year long without having too much trouble maintaining it themselves or hiring an expensive contractor on retainer. Sunnyside has been in business since 1998 and has been providing high quality workmanship, professional customer service at every job site! Whether you need eavestrough repairs or window cleaning services. Sunnyside is fully protected against any unforeseen injuries or accidents.

Business Information:

Customer Review Highlight:

“Great service. Great results. Good price. I got several quotes and Sunnyside was competitive. When I forgot to book them, I got a nice reminder email. They worked efficiently and respectfully around the house. I had put off having the windows cleaned for too long. The finished results were uplifting. Thanks, Sunnyside!”
- Peter Nosalik
“I would not hesitate to recommend Sunnyside to anyone. They did an absolutely AMAZING job! Every member of the household made a similar comment. Our front double-door windows actually "sparkle" .. it was immediately evident .. and all the other windows are extremelly clear. We've had to put a decal on the patio door so we don't accidentally walk through it!”
- t andonoff

2. Shine Window and Eaves Cleaning

Shine Window and Eaves Cleaning
Shine Window and Eaves Cleaning believes in the power of cleanliness. They are committed to providing an exceptional customer service experience that will leave your windows sparkling clear and free from any rain spots or smudges! Shine Window and Eaves Cleaning’s full-service window washer business expands across Ontario’s Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Shine Window and Eaves Cleaning provides a full range of services including interior and exterior window washing, gutter cleansings, deck brightening as well many other residential/commercial jobs that you may need done around the house.
Shine Window and Eaves not only go through rigorous courses, not only for worker’s compensation coverage but also Liability insurance so that you can rest assured knowing your business is protected from any accidents on the job site or during transport of materials.

Business Information:

Phone: +14169493874
Address: 2967 Dundas St W #731, Toronto, ON M6P 1Z2

Customer Review Highlight:

“We had Anthony and Jeremy clean windows on our two story house. They did an excellent job as the windows truly did SHINE like never before! We look forward to having them come for a Spring cleaning now. I highly recommend their superior work!”
- Diane Paget
“I had the gutters, indoor and outdoor window surfaces cleaned. These things had not been cleaned in decades and there was renovation dust/paint. Ben and Noah were really responsive, professional, always in communication regarding arrival times and progress, and were on time for the cleaning. They informed me of a window that at been broken by equipment during cleaning and had it fixed.The windows looked fantastic after they were done. Any missed spots were readily addressed. I would definitely use Shine Windows again and consider them for the other services they provide.”
- Joanne Wan

3. Splash Window Cleaning

Splash Window Cleaning
Splash Window Cleaning has been providing sparkling results for over 18 years. They offer professional and efficient service. You can always expect Splash Window Cleaning to provide detailed estimates on how your windows can become shining in no time. If you are not satisfied with their cleaning after 48 hours of usage, Splash Window Cleaning will come back out without any additional cost.
They understand the dangers of getting up on a ladder and they are committed to make your life easier. As professionals, Splash Window Cleaning is fully insured under Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Business Information:

Customer Review Highlight:

“Splash Window Cleaning provided excellent quality window cleaning and the work was completed quickly and at the promised time. We had to adjust our appointment date and they were very accommodating. We have used them every year and would recommend their services.”
- Karen G
“I’m happy with the promptness of the service. Two young men came over one did the floor to ceiling glass located at the balcony while the other did my bedroom window on the second story, climbed a ladder, so scary…I wish they took the screens off to clean the glass behind first tho but other than that I was happy with the work. Would call them again if need be but it’s actually the condo corporation that’s responsible for the window cleaning as we pay a monthly maintenance fee that is to include window cleaning at least once a year yet in the 10 years I’ve lived at this condo, they’ve only washed the windows on 3 occasions that I recall. So my windows were hella dirty. Thanks to this company they are super clean now, yay ”
- Charlene Cordoba

4. Diamond Shine Window And Gutter Cleaning Mississauga

Diamond Shine Window And Gutter Cleaning Mississauga
Servicing the Greater Toronto Area for over 10 years, Diamond Shine Window Cleaning is a company that values both its employees and customers. They provide prompt service with courteousness at every turn – it’s what makes Diamond Shine stand out from other companies! Windows can make the difference in a home’s appearance and upkeep. Window washing is an easy way to keep your windows clean, but it’s important not just for aesthetics sake! You’ll be surprised at how quickly buildup from pollen pollution or runoff will work its way into sills if left un-wiped off regularly by professionals who are licensed bonded insured & professional window washers like Diamond Shine Window Cleaning.
Diamond Shine offers professional services that leave your windows clean without any residue or damage in order for them not only to last longer than usual; you’ll also save money on costly repairs down the line!

Business Information:

Customer Review Highlight:

“I tried to thoroughly research eavestrough cleaners online before settling on Diamond Shine and calling them. Anil was pleasant and straightforward. He was out to our house and back to me that same afternoon with a reasonable estimate. Within days, he and David were here at the agreed time to do the cleaning. They were thorough and efficient and they cleaned up well afterward. I'm very satisfied and feel I chose the right company to come out. Recommending without reservation.”
- Stephen Cogan
“Sparkling results!!! I have hired Diamond Shine Window Cleaning to clean our large windows. The team was excellent in providing quality services and best results we have different types of windows. They handled them with care. They are ideal to get the job done. It was a great experience to work with them.”
- Marcus Wrightba

5. Maple Window & Eaves Cleaning

Maple Window & Eaves Cleaning
Maple Window and Eaves Cleaning is a top-rated company that specializes in providing professional window cleaning, along with the care of your eaves. They work around GTA for all clients’ needs. Their services include window cleaning, eavestrough cleaning, eavestrough repair, pressure washing and more.
Maple Window & Eaves Cleaning specializes in high-end delicate work with a dedication to providing superior customer satisfaction. They have the WSIB and full liability insurance that will cover you should there be any accidents.
Maple Window & Eaves Cleaning is committed to offer the best services for all your needs, from residential homes to commercial buildings. Maple Window and Eaves Cleaning will provide you with quality workmanship every time!

Business Information:

Customer Review Highlight:

“Have been using this company for years. Great customer service and always a great cleaning job, whether for windows and eavestroughs. Power Washing was amazing like a brand new Deck!! Highly recommend these guys”
- Deena Eichorn
“Maple did a great job of cleaning the eavestroughs on our house. I found the communications to be easy, and the staff member was friendly in explaining the work. Because it was all done outside, no specific appointment time was needed. We appreciated their attention to detail, and everything has worked well since their visit.”
- David Modjeska

6. SUDS inc. Window and Eaves Cleaning- Toronto

SUDS Inc. is a company that finishes each project on schedule and with the highest level of quality, ensuring personalized service for their Toronto neighbors while also providing competitive rates to suit any budget!
Cleaning your windows is not just about making them shine. It’s also an opportunity to give you and those around the outside of your home a breath-taking view while letting in more natural light that can help decrease allergens, like pollen or dust mites!
In order for this process to be successful SUDS uses chemicals free products on delicate surfaces when possible.

Business Information:

Phone: +16473317837
Address: 20 Ravina Crescent, Toronto, ON M4J 3M1

Customer Review Highlight:

“Derek was on site exactly on time. He took on and did the job of cleaning my skylights, my front windows and most importantly my eaves troughs which two companies said they wouldn’t do due to the difficult access to them. All was reasonably priced and thoroughly cleaned. He even did a small repair to my eaves trough. All services were very professional. I Will rehire Derek and Suds in the future.”
- Desmond Henry
“The guys from Suds came and did my windows and eaves before the snow starts. They are friendly, quick, and did a good job. I have some windows that are hard to get to, they did all of them with no complaints! I’ll be having them return in the spring!”
- Jackson Bolyea

7. Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning

Tornoto clear view

Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning has been in the business for over 30 years and knows what it takes to satisfy their customers. 

They offer various packages to suit your individual needs, such as their Gold Package which includes cleaning the window glass, frames, ledges, sills, tracks screens and even storm windows – with a high level of detail. If you’re looking for something less detailed then they have a Silver Package that may be more fitting. 

There’s also a Bronze package for those who want just the basics without having to break the bank!

Another great thing about this company is that you don’t pay until 100% satisfied – meaning you can check if everything was done properly before handing over any payment. 

Plus, homeowners feel confident referring others to Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning because they know they’ll provide an excellent service every time!

Business Information:

Phone: (416) 751-5546
Address: 25 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 325, Toronto, ON M2N 6S6

Customer Review Highlight:

"They fit me in at the last minute (December!!), after I had been been "stood up" by other eavestrough cleaning companies. Did a good clean job. At my request, went above and beyond and took pictures of my roof - confirmed my suspicion that I had missing shingles. Much appreciated."
- Marilyn Partington
"Prompt, efficient and effective service. I have used Clear View Window for both windows and eavestroughs for the past 2 years. Great job again today. Our eavestroughs are tight to access. Our windows high and many. Brian's team never disappoints."
- Martha Schrader

FAQs About Cleaning Services in Toronto

This really depends on the environment in which the windows are located and how often they are used. In general, it is recommended to clean your windows at least twice a year. However, if you have pets or if you live near a busy street, you may need to clean them more often.

Window cleaners use a variety of different tools and products to clean windows, depending on the type of service they offer. Some popular methods include using a squeegee, a brush, and a ladder. They may also use special products such as glass cleaner, window detergent, or ammonia.

Depending on the company you choose to use, they may only do one or the other. Some window cleaners are specialized in either inside windows or outside windows.

If you don’t clean your windows, the dirt that builds up on them can become permanent. It can also cause dust, water spots, and streaks to form which will require extra cleaning effort.


If you are looking for a window cleaner in Toronto, make sure to use one of the 6 best companies listed here. You should definitely consider the cost of the service, what is included in the cleaning, and how often you need to have your windows cleaned. Keep an eye out for special promotions and discounts!
If you’re also interested in hiring a cleaning service to clean your entire home, be sure to check out our other article on the 11 best cleaning services in Toronto!

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