Karaikudi Chettinad Indian Restaurant

Karaikudi Chettinad Indian Restaurant
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Address: 1225 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough
Phone: (416) 701-0003

Karaikudi Chettinad is a restaurant that serves classic South Indian dishes, plus popular Northern fare. The menu offers a wide range of options for those who enjoy both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare with a focus on regional specialties from Tamil Nadu and Kerala states including dosas, idylls, vadas, uttapams, masala dosa.

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This restaurant has an elegant dining space with its sunroof and floor-to-ceiling windows. The space is decorated with the art and heritage of South India, including traditional stone sculptures and art pieces. The warm lighting and rich wood interior create a calm and serene atmosphere.
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Here they offer an expansive menu of food entrees, appetizers, drinks and dessert items. However, their focus is on authentic dishes. They want to share the essence of South Indian cuisine with the community. They strive to provide quality food made fresh by using traditional methods of cooking. The cuisine is known for its flavourful ingredients which are free of chemicals and additives, as well as the wide array of spices used in cooking.
A must-try here is their dosas ($9.99 -$17.99) which comes in a huge crispy South Indian crepe made from rice and black lentil batter. They are served with sambar (lentil stew) and coconut chutney, plus other condiments. The taste and texture of Chettinad’s dosas are unique and cannot be easily found anywhere else.
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For the main course, try their fried rice ($12.99 -$15.99) which is made with aromatic Indian basmati rice stir-fried in an Indo-Chinese style, with your choice of egg, meats, and veggies. You will love the taste and smell of this dish. You can also try their curries, mutton and chicken thalis, and sambar idly topped with chopped onions and ghee.
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An honourable mention is the garlic naan ($3.99) which is made with garlic, coriander leaves and cumin seeds. It tastes so good you’ll be craving it again the next day.
If you’re after South Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, this restaurant will not disappoint.  The food is freshly prepared and served in generous portions at reasonable prices. Chettinad has a nice sit-down ambience with formal yet relaxed service. The whole place feels like you are dining in an upper-class South Indian home.

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