Toronto Nightlife: What to Do After Dark [2022]

Toronto Nightlife: What to Do After Dark

If you’re looking for a night out on the town, there’s no shortage of options in Toronto. One of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world, the 6ix has something to offer everyone. From world-class restaurants and bars to live music venues and dance clubs, there’s always something happening in Toronto after dark. And thanks to the city’s excellent safety record, you can enjoy your night out without worry. 

So whether you’re in the mood for a quiet evening of drinks with friends or an all-night party, Toronto has you covered. Just be sure to pace yourself – after all, there’s always tomorrow night!


Visit An Arcade

Into retro video games? Toronto has a ton of arcades with classic games. Check out Dundas Video, Get Well, ZED*80 Arcade Bar for some late-night gaming and casual fun. Here you’ll find pinball machines or classics like Pac-Man.

Sing Your Heart Out At A Karaoke Bar

Along Yonge and Finch, there are all kinds of karaoke bars you can spend hours in. Twister Karaoke is a karaoke spot with over 300,000 songs in several languages. Alternatively, stop by Echo Karaoke & Bar in Chinatown. They have fun neon lighting, perfect for setting the tone and taking pictures. Many of these karaoke places stay open well after the sun has risen again.

Mellow Out In A Jazz Bar

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Want to make your night a classy affair. Toronto has many Jazz bars known for fantastic live Jazz music and intimate atmospheres. Check out The Reservoir Lounge or Jazz Bistro near Toronto Eaton Centre.

Lounge In A Bar With Jaw-Dropping Interiors

Toronto has tons of cool, unique bars with gorgeous interiors. Check out The Shameful Tiki Room. Step inside and you’ll be transported to a classic American Tiki bar with fun Polynesian-inspired foods and drinks. Looking for something else? Head over to Pravda Vodka Bar. The Russian-themed bar is decorated with elaborate red and gold furniture all over.

Have The Night Of Your Life At A Club

As this article has proven, there are things other than clubbing to do in Toronto, but there are definitely great clubs in the city. Many Toronto clubs blast thrilling techno music and have live shows. Maybe you’ll even see the next big thing. Party at Vertigo Toronto, a club at the forefront of electronic music and its subgenres.

Hang By The Beach

The beaches in Toronto never really close. Breathe in the salty sea water and simply hang out. Head over to The Beaches and sit on the Woodbine beach sand. Consider taking the ferry all the way to the islands. Beaches on the islands can be found on Ward’s Island and Centre Island.

But be careful, after hours or during the off-season, there are no lifeguards on duty, so avoid splashing around. Not all water is safe to swim in, so make sure there’s a Blue Flag on-site to ensure the water is up to standard.

Play A Couple Billiards Games

The city has all kinds of pool lounges. Many of which close late into the night. Places like Annex Billiards club or Le Spot don’t have much fanfare, but if you’re looking to play some billiards, these are the places to be.


In your spare time, check out one of many Toronto bowling alleys. Go to The Ballroom or Playtime Bowl & Entertainment in North York. Here you’ll find alleys with fun, sometimes cosmic-themed lighting and classic pub foods.

Catch A Late Showing

Leave Toronto for an hour or two and go to the movies. There are Cineplexes, a national chain of movie theatres, all over the city. Check out one of two Imagine Cinemas locations or go to The Royal on College St.

Bike Around The City

Toronto is an increasingly bike-friendly city. Take advantage of the many trails and bike lanes. If you don’t have your own bike, don’t worry, there’s a great bike-share system in place. There are stations all over the city, so no matter how far you go, you’ll always have a convenient drop-off.

Stroll Through The Parks

There are many beautiful parks in Toronto. Some of them are big enough to walk through for hours. Go to the Toronto Music Garden, designed in part by famous cellist Yo Yo Ma. Or spend hours at High Park. The park is a whopping 161 hectares. Here you can enjoy the gardens, sporting areas, and seasonal plants.

Grab An Early Or Late Breakfast

Toronto has a surprising number of 24-hour restaurants. Breakfast is usually a morning affair, but your Toronto night might bleed into the daytime. Check out famous chain restaurants Denny’s or Fran’s Restaurant and Bar. If you’re in the east end of the city, check out the beloved local spot, Markham Station. At these restaurants, you’ll find the typical breakfast spread, french toast, eggs benedict, home fries, and the like.

Final Thoughts

Whatever happens on your Toronto night adventure, you can be assured that the fun never has to stop, not until you want it to. Toronto is home to all kinds of late-night spots with just as many things to do. The next time you want to enjoy the Toronto nightlife, make sure to check out the places featured on this list for a good time!

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